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I am totally fascinated with the beauty and visual complexity of Judy Niemeyer's quilts. It truly seemed a new art form to me. After my first exciting retreat in 2010, I continue to have at least two “Niemeyer” projects underway at all times. I love the art that blooms from the careful selection of fabrics and the exquisite precision that results from Judy’s piecing vision. I am honored and excited to serve as a certified instructor, sharing this fabulous technique.

Please scroll through the quilts below to see some of the Niemeyer creations that I have made.

Misty Mountain Pond

Absolutely one of my favorites, if that is even possible. I did use extra papers to make the larger size and left off the applique..

Glacier Star

The first of Judy's Technique of the Month quilts.

Mariner's Compass

The second of Judy's Technique of the Month Quilts

Paradise in Blooms

The 3rd quilt in Judy's Technique of the Month series

Bali Fever

I love this quilt! Really fun to make and uses Bali Pops!

Vintage Compass

One of Judy's newer patterns. Goes together quickly!! Really.



Fire Island Hosta


From Judy Niemeyer's leaf series of new patterns.

 The sun was sure shining on the quilt this day.

My Two Baby Sisters and Meandering Stars

Both are great beginner quilts. Notice that the star layout and the borders are each different. The one on the left was made by my friend Stacie for her new granddaughter, June.

Osprey's Nest

 I don't know why I can't find a picture of the entire quilt. Just close-up pictures of the quilting. Fun quilt to make that starts as a log cabin!

Amazon Star

This quilt was so much fun to make. It is easier than it looks for sure!

Cabin Fever


This quilt is another one that starts with the log cabin block.

 You make this whole quilt with fat quarters! Great beginner quilt.

Golden Harvest

This is a fun wall hanging. You will love how easy it goes together.

Arizona Cactus Flower Table runner

This is made with a fun block that is just repeated across the length.

Celtic Wave

If you like making flying geese, this is the quilt for you.

 This one is the larger size.

Mini Stars Table Runner

Fun, quick and easy. No curves!

More from Judy's leaf series

The tea leaf table runner is on the left. The tea time place mat is on the right.

Sunflower Illusions

A must have for every Judy Niemeyer lover!

Bali Bed Runner

This is one of the most beautiful layouts of a Wedding Ring quilt. The center star makes this bed runner (or you can make the whole quilt) a one of a kind!

Seasonal Table Runner

Keep going to make the table runner as long as your table. There are enough papers int he pattern to make 3 table runners.

Indian Summer

For this beauty I used additional papers to make it larger. It has a beautiful drape on this queen sized bed.

Indian Summer Indian Summer

Desert Sky

Start collecting fat quarters for this stunning beginner quilt.

Three Ducks in a Row

No curved pieces! However these quilts give you illusion of curves because of the sizing of the flying geese.

Split Log Cabin and Cabin Cutouts

How do you make a perfect log cabin quilt? Judy's paper piecing method! The picture is on the left.

 Cabin Cutouts on the right was made from the leftover "cutout' pieces in Cabin Fever.

Stepping Stones and Cappuccino for 4

Two great ways to use your Bali Pops!.



Prismatic Star

Prismatic Star Prismatic Star
Leaves Leaves
Rocky Mountain Bear Claw
Rocky Mountain Bear Claw Rocky Mountain Bear Claw Pillow 2 Rocky Mountain Bear Claw Pillow 1
Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
Lakeshore Sunrise
Lakeshore Sunrise          Lakeshore sunrise close up                         
Weathered Windmill
Weathered Windmill                                 
Celebrate Spring - Celebrate Fall
Celebrate Spring                                                        

Butterfly Barnyard

Butterfly Barnyard                                                
Prickly Pinecone
Prickly Pinecone